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Present continuous & Present perfect with example sentences for self-talk! 《Eigo-jiru vol.10》

In this article, the "Present continuous" and the "Present perfect", which are both essential element for our daily "self-talk" practice, are being explained with several example sentences.
英語汁 / Eigo-jiru

【English future tense】 Understanding when to apply 3 different forms!《Eigo-jiru vol.9》

We are going to have a look at some example sentences to see when these types form of future tense... ① will, ② be going to, ③ be + doing are to be applied with this blog post.
英語汁 / Eigo-jiru

The quickest way to develop your speaking skills is to spare some time for “self-talk” daily! 《Eigo-jiru vol.8》

There are several ways of "self-talk" practice to develop your speaking skills, and with this blog post, I am introducing one method which is to spare a certain length of time per day transforming yourself into an earthling and speak the earthling's language (English).
英語汁 / Eigo-jiru

【Talk to yourself in English?】Making a habit of “self-talk” and what you will get from it. 《Eigo-jiru vol.7》

Once you have made a habit of “self-talk”, bringing your English-speaking level up to the stage where you can comfortably deal with daily affairs is not a mission impossible at all. Here is a simple idea for you to start with...
英語汁 / Eigo-jiru

【English speaking practice】The reason why you should start “self-talk” right now!《Eigo-jiru vol.6》

Many people are going a long way round to achieve their goals by choosing the learning method that doesn't involve using their own voice while they want to be able to speak. "Self-talking practice" can help you improve your speaking skill immensely.